What the heck is Steampunk?

We've all heard about Steampunk, but what the heck is it? We interviewed four very popular folks in the Steampunk subculture to find out more about the movement that's inspiring folks to create their own fashion, music, gear, and art while turning a few heads along the way. The New York Times wrote a wonderful piece about it in May, so if you haven't heard about Steampunk, maybe it's time you became a little more acquainted with it. Watch the video.

Update: If you live in the SF Bay Area, check out the The California Steampunk Convention inĀ  October.

Special thanks to :
Eva Galperin from the EFF.org
Artists Suzanne Forbes: Suzanneforbes.com
Richard Nagy: Datamancer.net
Nathaniel from AbneyPark

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