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Benefits of Quitting Smoking for the New Year

Health officials have known that more than 1 billion people around the world smoke and 5 million people die each year from tobacco-related illness, according to the World Health Organization. That's about one person dying every six seconds. The real question is why are so many people subjecting themselves to this habit? Is there a viable alternative? The answer is yes. For the past few years vaping has been making waves throughout the smoking community and chances are that you know someone who put down a cigarette for a vape. Now that we are coming up on a new year there is no better time than now to put down the cigarette and switch to vaping.

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Vaping is Less Expensive

For the pack a day smoker the costs add up each year. It is estimated that the average smoker in the UK spends £2,950 each year. It is also never a fixed price so there’s always that uncertainty of if you are going to have to keep dishing out more and more money to get each pack or carton. There are so many vaping stores online to choose from. The average bottle costs £5 which equates to about 150 cigarettes. The results are there right away and there are so many more possibilities with a freed-up budget.

Its Safer

Many do not realize this, but second-hand smoke is extremely dangerous. By vaping devices such as the MIQRO vaporizer you can still get your nicotine fix but in a much safer way that does not harm others. Also, many fires are caused each year by people either dropping or falling asleep with a cigarette. Taking advantage of the new year can truly make a huge difference.



When it comes to vaping, there are just so many options out there. Right now, the small devices that use nicotine salt e liquid are trending with the younger crowd as it can be used in most place without creating a cloud. Also, the upkeep of the devices is not hard at all and usually all you need to do is change the pod. The larger devices are good as well since they can be customized to the way the coils are set up. For the larger devices a juice with less nicotine works best since the amount ingested is much more compared to the smaller devices.

Overall vaping is much safer and healthier than the alternative. Take advantage of the new year and do some research on vaping in order to live a much healthier and easier life.