Tour San Diego in Coupes?

A new way to tour the city--Tour Coupes!  San Diego has launched a tour coupe rental company with tons of locations around the city.  You can rent a coupe and get a narrarated GPS-powered tour which includes sound effects, video, maps and photos of the "sensed" area.  Each coupe is colorful and they fit two adults in each vehicle.

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The top speed is 30mph so you can expect to have a relaxing ride while viewing local history, hearing stories of the area you are in and generally being 'shown around' by an electronic gadget.

A gallery is included on the site so you can see the Tour Coupes in action with visitors from around the world.  I can imagine a ride near a beach would be more fun that one centered around a city area.  I wonder how long it will take for this to become a widespread thing? 

I remember as a girl riding in double-pedal double-seated carts while visiting Galveston.  Is this taking the place of the manpower it took to ride in the past--but adding the luxury of gadgets to make the tour more wholesome?  I think so.

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