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4 Technical Things To Consider To Make Your Recording Studio A Success

If you are passionate about being a music producer, then one of the first things you might do is to set up your own recording studio. This is a fairly easy thing to do and only requires a financial investment. But to make the recording studio a success is an entirely different matter. You will have to research and get the best PA speakers, make sure that the speakers are placed at correct locations, develop and maintain relationships, and do a hundred other things to achieve your dreams. And to help you out, we list out four things that you must definitely do to make your recording studio a success.

Have Good PA Speakers

Make sure you have good monitors at the studio. You will never know the quality of a music if you use a low quality speaker. Plus, the artists who come to record will also not be impressed when they see that you are using sub-standard monitors. And remember to only use active speakers for your studio. If you have any trouble with identifying the best speakers, then check out the powered PA speaker guide by Music Critic.

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Speaker Position

Placing the speakers anywhere will not make your recording studio a good one. Instead, you have to ensure that the speakers are positioned in a way that it maximizes the effect of the sound, enabling you and your clients to hear with more clarity and depth. If the clients feel that the sound quality at your studio is not up to the mark, then that will adversely affect your studio’s success. Ideally, your listening position should be at least 38% from the front wall. You should also make sure that the speakers are placed in an equilateral triangle position. Plus, the monitors should at least be about 120 cm from the floor.

Creating Required Relationships

The music industry, like any other entertainment industry, is mostly relationship driven. If you are in good terms with the artists, investors and other talented people, then your recording studio will undoubtedly become a success. In contrast, if you are the type of person who gets into a verbal duel with most people, then you will have a very hard time being famous. So, focus on developing and maintaining friendships within the industry.  

Focusing On Perfect Advertising Plan

When an artist comes to your studio to record, do not try to impose yourself as a music producer. Sometimes, people who own a recording studio do feel the need to interfere in the artist’s work, trying to tell them what needs to be changed and so on. This is a terrible habit. Remember that the artist is at your studio just to record. That’s it. They have their way of doing things. Your unwanted interference and over the top self-promotion can irritate them, and make them to never come to your studio ever again.  


So, ensure that you buy the best quality speakers you can get and develop your personality in a way that people who come to your studio find you friendly and accommodating. Plus, make sure that you identify yourself as a music producer when you meet others. People will respect you and see you as a music producer only if you strongly identify yourself as such. And the more respect your name gets, the more successful you and your recording studio will be.