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This is a mobile device operating system offering middleware and access to key mobile applications. This mobile software was developed by Google and was officially released in 2008. It was given to people for free meaning it is an open source software.

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Android is the most popular mobile device operating system. Only a few companies do not use the OS opting to use their own. Such companies include Apple and Microsoft who opt for iOS and Windows respectively.

Android OS is regarded as one of the best mobile software around because it is user-friendly, while at the same time it is highly technologically advanced. Its interface is mainly based on direct manipulation. It usually works with touch devices. Did you know that know you can even play top games at kiwi casinos using android?

The android system is being continually improved as technology is advancing. They started with a version which they called Jellybean, moved on to Kit, then they gave us Lollipop and now they are on Oriel 8.1.0.

Usually, smartphones, tablet computers and now even TV rely on this software. The Android OS can work in more than a hundred languages but its default language is English. All Google applications like YouTube, Play store, Google+ , casino apps such as online casino games and Maps just to mention a few are default android applications and these are found on each and every android system and they cannot be uninstalled.

Play Store is the best place to download android applications of your choice but these downloaded applications can be uninstalled easily. The android system drains a lot of battery in cell phones that is why it is hard for cell phones using this system to keep have long battery life the way old-fashioned cell phones used to do.

An Android system is faster than most mobile OS and also it works well with software which you can download. The android system is reported to have reached 2 billion monthly active Android users around the globe. This has made it the best mobile operating system.