Cosmetic Surgery Trends

The Top Cosmetic Surgery Trends of 2017

What do stars like Beyonce, Nicky Minaj, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez all have in common? If you know the answer, you probably know what’s trending in cosmetic surgery in 2017. These four women and their big, beautiful backsides have created a growing demand for Brazilian Butt Lift procedures (BBL). The statistics don’t lie. For women, butt lifts are the hottest surgical enhancement on the market.

The Brazilian Butt Lift has been growing in popularity in part because it combines the virtues of liposuction and body contouring with an attention-grabbing buttock augmentation. But while butt enhancement is growing in popularity, more and more women are tending to choose smaller breasts these days. Super big boobs are definitely out. Women are choosing instead to get smaller breast implants. This year has been slated by surgeons as the year of the Brazilian Butt Lift with breasts taking more of a backseat.

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BBL Consultations raised by 500%

The butt lift trend began in mid-2016 with cosmetic surgeons reporting an astronomical rise of 500% in consultations for buttock augmentation. The incredible increase in demand for the Brazilian Butt Lift has scored millions of dollars for plastic surgeons and the trend is still gaining speed. See the 2016 Plastic Surgery Statistics report of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a fat transfer procedure that also involves a combination of liposuction and body contouring. Fat is transferred from one area of a woman’s body to her buttocks to create a more youthful, more lifted derriere. It’s the preferred method of buttock augmentation because it uses a woman’s own fat stores to create a perkier, more voluptuous profile. As the most natural procedure available today to create more outstanding curves below the belly button, people of all races, body types, and ages are flocking to surgeons to have the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Who is the right BBL candidate?

The ideal candidate for a butt lift is an individual with flat, small, or sagging buttocks. Asymmetrical or misshapen cheeks may also motivate some individuals to seek out surgery. Patients should be in good general health. Surgeons may recommend weight gain to increase fat stores if the patient is underweight. Usually, a large amount of fat must be removed from the body to create the most ideal physique.

During the butt lift procedure, fat cells are removed from the body using liposuction and the body is carefully and skillfully contoured to create pleasing curves from top to bottom. The fat cells are then processed and purified before being transplanted into the buttocks. The surgeon places the fat cells into the buttocks at different depths and in different areas of the buttocks to reshape the area. The technique used to place the fat cells uniformly throughout the buttocks encourages the body not to resorb the cells, giving them the chance to develop a blood supply and take up permanent residence in the buttocks. The results look totally natural and once the fat cells have taken root inside the buttocks, they’ll remain there for a lifetime according to this source.

The success of a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure depends primarily on the skill and level of expertise and experience of the cosmetic surgeon.

After surgery, Brazilian Butt Lift patients are asked not to sit directly on their buttocks for two weeks post-op. A special garment helps control inflammation and tighten the skin. Most patients notice some swelling that persists for several weeks, but once the inflammation goes away, the butt looks and feels natural.

Despite its popularity, there are still risks involved in Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries. Patients may experience pain, swelling, bruising, numbness, scarring or stretch marks from the procedure. And as with all surgeries, there are more serious risks to consider as well such as fat embolism, hematoma, adverse reactions to the anesthetic, or even death.

Smaller Breasts and Vaginoplasties

As the butt-lift trend continues to evolve, remember, that smaller breast enhancements (as well as smaller nipple sizes) are forecasted for this year. C or D cups are the average size that women are seeking as opposed to the double D or E cups that have been popular in years past.

More and more women today are also opting for Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures like “vaginoplasties” and “labiaplasties” that couple nicely with butt lift procedures. Vaginal Rejuvenation aims to tighten up the vaginal canal following childbirth and create a more pleasing appearance to the outer areas around the vagina. Labiaplasty is designed to reduce or correct any asymmetries in the outer labial folds under local anesthetic. Using local anesthesia keeps the procedure within an affordable range with less post-operative nausea, making it increasingly popular with a growing number of women.

In summary, though butt augmentation is definitely taking the lead this year, the landscape of body enhancement surgery remains diverse and surprising. Women are seeking out larger butts, but smaller breasts and nipples. Face lifts are still popular but under general anesthesia rather than a local anesthetic.