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How Technology Has Helped The Travel Industry

If you think back to the way holidays used to be when you were a kid, I’m sure you can appreciate how much easier things are nowadays. Rather than losing your way or having to compile a list of things to pack, all the shortcuts we need are just a click away on our smartphones. Millions of us are proud to be a part of the technological era where we are truly able to make the most of our holiday and make full use of the convenience that technology has given us. Let’s take a look at how technology has transformed the way we travel…

Finding a place to go

Back in the good old days we would have to study holiday brochures very closely and seek the advice of a travel agent sitting in an office to find us recommendations about where it would be best to travel to. Flash forward to today where you can easily get your vacation inspiration from a travel blog or Instagram account or TV show. The sheer ease with which information about every destination can be accessed has made travel more widely enjoyed too.

Booking your transportation

Prior to the technology we are so well acquainted with today; booking your transportation for your travels was hugely different in the good old days. Queuing for train tickets and booking months ahead of time was common practice. Today it is extremely easy to just go online and compare prices to find the best possible solution for you. Travel has become more competitive when it comes to prices.


Learning a language

Years ago, learning a few key words and phrases for your trip to Spain involved purchasing an awkward phrase book that you would have to carry around with you really taking all the fun of your exploration. Now we have the pleasure of installing an app that does all the hard work for you and means you can interact with the locals of your favourite holiday destinations easily.

Capturing the moment

I think we can all remember the fear of deciding whether or not taking a picture of something was worth using up one of your 36 precious images on your camera reel for, right? It was also a very costly process when it came down to developing the images you took, from the cost of printing to the price of a photo album! Today you can take as many images on a digital camera or iPhone as you wish and delete the ones you don’t like afterwards. Images can also now be instantly uploaded to your favourite social media channels.

Wherever you choose to travel, be sure to always stay safe doing so. Always carry the appropriate paperwork for your destination, for example an E111 card when going to Europe. It could make all the difference should you need to seek medical care at any point in your trip.