Women In Tech Are Vaping Instead Of Smoking; To Get Healthier

Everyone is well aware of the dangers of smoking which is why alternatives have emerged and there has been a major trend lately in the area of vaping.The trend has gone as far as the professional world where studies show women in the Tech Industry have been switching to vaping instead of smoking. This makes sense since science has all but condemned the act of smoking for the damage that it causes to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of individual. Many research studies have shown how damaging smoking can be on the lungs which is why there has been a strong push against smoking in the most recent years.

But vaporizing, or vaping, is not the same as smoking. The smoke that appears to be coming from vapes is not actually smoke but in fact steam that is much lighter and much softer than smoke that is burned from dried up plant matter. For those who don’t know, vaping refers to the process of vaporizing which is not the same a burning harsh material and inhaling the smoke like smoking is. Instead, vaping heats up nicotine salts extracted from the plant that are heated up to a controlled steam through a vape mod which produced a much lighter smoke that is not as damaging to the lungs.

Smoking tears the lungs from the inside simply due to the harshness of smoking. Vaporizing produces a much lighter steam that is not as damaging on the lungs and is therefore healthier in this regard. You don’t need to be a doctor or scientist to understand some of the damaging effects of smoking and so it is no wonder that women in tech are vaping instead of smoking.

As a result, the changes that have been made in the areas of vaping and smoking have been profound. More and more individuals are switching to vaping as a healthier alternative to the process of smoking. The effects are the same with the only difference being that the damage caused by smoking is not caused by vaping and that is a major advantage. That is why when women in tech have been surveyed recently about their increased Vaping, the indication has been to get healthier and that makes sense simply due to the unhealthiness of smoking itself. This only adds to the major trend of vaping that is taking the world by storm.