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A Look at the Ways Technology Has Improved Healthcare

Health IT has drastically changed the way that healthcare is performed, not only in the US, but around the world as well.  In fact, it has made so many changes that there are now degrees, such as the online health informatics degree by the University of Cincinnati, being offered to those who want to continue to help the industry perform more efficiently and innovatively.

Technology has helped the healthcare industry to lower patient care costs while also improving patient safety and quality of care. If you are looking for a Counselor Tulsa then Meister Counseling is a great option.  It is now easier than ever for patients living in rural areas to gain access to quality healthcare.  Social media networks are being used to spread awareness of the effects of smoking and obesity.  And, health wearables are making it easier than ever before for physicians to gain instant access to patient vitals.

The infographic below explains more.

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