Two Real Money Online Games For Entrepreneurial Gamers

For players intrigued by the competitive, thrilling nature of real money PC games there are now a plethora of choices to choose from. Of course, not all real money PC games are created equal, so avid players are always on the lookout for the best titles out there.

What defines a good real money game often comes down to three simple elements: the graphics, the winning potential and how fun the actual gameplay is. What defines good graphics these days is hotly debated, but as long as a player can see what is happening in a game they are usually happy, whether the graphics be hyper-realistic or classic retro. When it comes to chances to actually leave with cash, this all depends on a player’s skill level and so remains subjective - as does how much fun the gameplay is, though any real money PC game that isn’t enjoyable would certainly not make its way on to our list.

Second Life

While casino games are arguably the most prolific real money PC games available, there are plenty of MMORPG games out there as well. These are especially great for players with a lot of dedication, as they can earn real cash just by creating and levelling up their characters. This is especially true in Second Life, a game that remains popular over a decade since its initial release.

One of the reasons Second Life is so popular is that the in-game cash - Linden dollars - can actually be converted into real money, though you will need the equivalent of at least $150 to do so. Considering the fact 260 Linden dollars is currently equal to $1 this may take some work, but it's not exactly hardship playing Second Life since the graphics and gameplay are so incredibly diverse. If Second Life isn’t really your thing, another MMORPG real money option is Team Fortress, where item trading can be quite lucrative.

Immortal Romance

There are literally hundreds of slot machine games available online nowadays, but few manage to compete with the classic Immortal Romance when it comes to graphics quality, jackpot potential and playability. It’s really no surprise that this title remains the most popular game on a variety of sites including slots.io, where you can even get 1000 free spins on Immortal Romance by clicking here to play.

What makes Microgaming’s Immortal Romance really stand out is the immersive atmosphere the dark ambience, sound effects and plot line combine to create. That’s right: this slot actually has a plot that focuses on a haunting love story. Plus, there are 243 ways to win, while player bets can be adjusted all the way up to 300-coins, resulting in a massive payout. This jackpot only increases as the player triggers bonus rounds and gather wilds, but we’ll let you figure that out for yourselves.

As technology continues to evolve we hope there will be more options available for online and PC gamers looking to make some real cash. After all, with e-sports and online casinos continuing to gain popularity we’re hoping all gamers can get in on the action.