Climbing Robotics

ClimberAlthough we've been lagging in robotics here in the U.S., the techies at Carnegie Mellon and other well known Universities, continue to make strides at RISES (Robotics in Scansorial Environments). They have developed a crawling robot that can tread up vertical spaces. DARPA's Biodynotics Biologically Inspired Multifunctional Dynamic Robotics (BIODYNOTICS) is funding the program. This robot can actually come in handy on the next reconnaissance mission.  Watch Video

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  1. Sethu 30 March, 2007 at 22:03

    I can watch the climbing robot like spyder. Its like me verymuch. I need the thechnology for develop a coconut climber. Or if you like to produce the coconut climber with reaping mechanism of coconut with that mechine, it i can purchase and sell it my place.

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