T-Mobile cameo™ Frame

tmobilecameoframeIf you are a lover of photos, the T-Mobile cameo frame will allow you to have some fun with your hobby.  I recently reviewed this little frame and although many are commenting on the pricetag being high, the device would certainly serve a good purpose in certain situations and that makes it worth every penny.

This cameo frame allows you (and anyone you share the device phone number with) to post photos, text messages, and picture messages directly to the device.  You simply take photos using your phone and then send them, like you would to share them with friends, to the frame's phone number.  In just moments they show up on the frame and you can utilize the menu to rotate and change your view if needed.  You can also e-mail the frame using the phone number and

In addition to all this, you have the added capability to use a memory card with photos and also transfer your favorite photos from your computer to the frame.  There is a $9.99 a month fee to send photos to the frame with your phone or through e-mail and the frame has a price tag of around $99.00 but for the right person, this would be well worth the extra cost to enjoy photos and be able to share them with others.

This is not available to order online, but you can find a nearby T-Mobile store and shop for yours, today.


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