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Best Holiday Outfit Ideas for 2020

By Milda Urbonaite

Holidays are coming, and even if they are different this year (thanks, 2020), they are not canceled!

We're all looking forward to spending time with loved ones - live or virtually - and eating delicious food.

But let's not forget one other fun thing during the festive season, and that's dressing up!

Planning holiday outfits makes us giddy with excitement, so don't skip it this year, even if you'll celebrate only at home or if the only party on your schedule is a Zoom party.

Here are the top 9 holiday outfit ideas - 2020's edition!

Sweater dresses

Yes, sweater dresses are a winter holiday style classic, but there's a reason for that!

According to, it's very easy to refresh this winter staple, from layering techniques to adding chain belts, statement necklaces, and fun footwear.

So dig up that old dress or browse some online shops (second hand and vintage stores went online too!) to find that perfect dress to sip cocoa in front of your tree!

Classic plaid

If you've seen at least one Hallmark Christmas movie (or any Christmas movie!), you know that plaid is the go-to wear for the holiday season.

Plaid shirts, pants, jackets, accessories, dresses, skirts - choose as much or as little of this pattern.

It pairs well with knitwear (chunky sweaters or cardigans) and is both festive yet casual.

Velvet luxury

Velvet can be tricky to wear on any regular day, but it's absolutely perfect for the Christmas season, and agrees!

A velvet top's gorgeous shimmer will add a luxurious feeling to even the simplest garments such as jeans or tights.

And a velvet dress is always a perfect choice for an elegant, festive, but not over the top office party or Christmas eve dinner.

Sparkly sequins

Sequins are definitely our favorite holiday fashion staple because nothing brings as much joy as some extra sparkle and shimmer.

Most likely, we will not be going all out to big New Years' Eve parties this year, but it doesn't mean we can't bring some of those vibes to our living rooms.

Pair a sequined mini skirt with a classic top, or add a bedazzled blazer to your low-key jeans to create a comfy yet super exciting outfit.

And when that clock rings in the new year, let's just cheer "goodbye 2020" extra hard this time!

Funny Christmas sweaters 

Okay, whatever you say, funny or ugly Christmas sweaters have a special place in our hearts and closets. The great thing about them is that you can wear the same sweater for years and it will still be as fun as the first time.

If you still don't have one, head to your local thrift shop or etsy and pick the craziest you find!

We highly recommend pairing the ugly-sweater with comfy leggings or pair of jeans and having an at-home baking extravaganza!

House shoes 

Since our homes will be the center of our holidays this year, it would be a pity if a beautiful outfit got ruined by ratty old slippers!

That's why we highly recommend opting for something a little bit more festive.

The choices are endless! From cozy classic uggs with inner fleece lining, soft slipper socks (make sure they have anti-slip soles) to lounge in front of the fireplace to luxurious moccasins or Morrocan mules that will go with any outfit!

Festive pajamas

If there's ever a time to wear cool pajamas - Christmas is surely it. You'll probably spend more time at home this holiday season, so make sure that even your slumber wear is festive and fun.

Jump into cozy pajamas or nightgown with classic cartoon characters, snowflake ornaments, or ugly-Christmas-sweater inspired adornments and enjoy a snug night-in eating cookies and watching movies.

And if you're not a fan of sleepwear, then slip into men’s premium fitted t-shirts such as the ones from FreshCleanTees. You'll be just as comfy, and you can quickly dress it up with a blazer or a cardigan.

Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves are all the rage this winter season, so incorporating this trend into your holiday wardrobe is only natural!

Statement sleeves are everywhere - blouses, sweaters, shirts, dresses - so you can choose whatever works best for your plans. They can elevate your casual outfit (paired with jeans or a simple skirt) or really single you out in a (virtual)crowd!

Festive accessories 

Finally, nothing ties an outfit or elevates it to the next level, as well as proper accessories.

We highly recommend adding a headband, necklace, or earrings to the ensemble.

For example, a shimmery turban headband will make you look royal even if you're wearing only a simple black knit dress, and large gold earrings will add that needed flair to a basic white top and jeans outfit!