Sonic Lounger soothes the body

Had a really long day at work? Well, if you're rich enough to bring home the $9,000 Sonic Lounger, chances are pretty high you can lose yourself in its luxurious routine. The Sonic Lounger from Taiz Design might look like some sort of futuristic torture apparatus, but it is actually a state-of-the-art tactile sound system that offers a comfortable and ergonomic area for you to enjoy the triple treat of sound, music and vibroacoustic therapies. The Sonic Lounger is able to massage and resonate the entire body with crystal clear vibration, helping transfer high fidelity music into the skin, bones and tissue, so that the subtleties and depth of sound can viscerally experienced, whereby those are normally lost if you rely upon the ears fully. Since the dynamic vibration of the Sonic Lounger is harmonic, you will be able to recover from the day's stress in a much faster manner. Who says money can't buy happiness?

Source: Likecool

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