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3041460158 3298ffc20eWhat more could you ask for in a small device that allows you to retrieve your emails when out and about.  If you are not set up for this on your mobile phone already, or you know someone that's less into technology, this might just be their saving grace to stay connected to friends and family.

The Peek device comes without contracts and with a small monthly fee of around $19.95 a month for the service.  The device is slim and easy to carry most anywhere, which makes it an attractive product for anyone.  The Peek offers coverage but no International roaming, yet.  Target offers the Peek in their stores, but you can also purchase it online here.  It supports up to 3 email addresses, for you busy socialites.  You can view .jpg images (a high 10MB limit is imposed) but you3040626071 fd6cc52747 cannot view other attachments like Word documents, although, it won't delete those and you can access them via your regular web mail at a later time if you need to do so.

Here is a list of email providers that Peek supports:  AT&T™, Comcast®, Verizon, Roadrunner™, BellSouth®, SBCGlobal, Earthlink®, Cox®, Charter, Cablevision, NetZero®, and many others.

Take a "peek" at the Peek and see if it might be a gift that you'd consider for someone...or yourself!

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