Kami Kami Sensor

Doctors have long recommended us to chew our food at least 40 times per mouthful in order to make them manageable enough for our guts to process it without feeling strained. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to do otherwise, wolfing everything down instead since we're worried about the food getting cold - either that or we're way too hungry to remember what the good doctor said. Well, who can blame your kid for following your own habit if you tell them to do otherwise? With the Kami Kami Sensor from Nitto Kagaku, this device helps keep count of the number of times that your kid chews with each mouthful. Sure, it looks more like a torture device than anything else, which should be incentive enough for them to keep to the 40 chews. Each time the wearer hits 30 chews, the Kami Kami Sensor will give out a beep, while playing a melody at every 1,000 bites to celebrate that milestone. Would you be willing to fork out $190 for the Kami Kami Sensor?

Source: Gizmodiva

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