Kingston DataTraveler 150 hits 64GB

How times have progressed - I used to think that 8GB was plenty big where USB flash drives were concerned, but fast forward by a year or two and we have the Kingston DataTraveler 150 64GB arriving in stores near you. This is the largest capacity USB flash drive available from Kingston's DataTraveler line, and it makes for a great secondary hard drive that is small enough to tuck into your pocket, without having to grapple with issues like connecting cords and the ilk. Hey, if 64GB ain't large enough for you, why not get a couple? After all, the $177 price point that it comes in isn't exactly wallet busting. For those who feel that they can make do with something less, the 32GB model will retail for an affordable $116. The Kingston DataTraveler 150 64GB is fully compatible with Windows Vista, XP and Windows 2000 as well as Mac OS X 10.3 (and above) and Linux 2.6 (and above).

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