Sony PSP now in its third iteration

If you're into serious portable gaming with the occasional spot of casual titles, then it is a no brainer that your logical choices will be narrowed down to just a couple of devices - the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP platforms. The former has come in a revamped design just a year or so after the original was released, and that was a brilliant move as the DS Lite went on and conquered the whole gaming world without looking back. As for Sony's PSP, the company introduced the PSP-2000 version (also known as the Slim & Lite) which was much thinner and easier to tote around, although many of the original features remained intact without departing away from the original design. This time round we have the PSP-3000, which at first glance, again looks very much like its two predecessors. Upon closer inspection, one will notice a "PS" button at the lower left hand corner of the front portion, and Sony has mentioned that the PSP-3000 will boast an improved display that looks better under direct sunlight with no glare, and a built-in microphone points toward more interactive games. You will be able to pick up the PSP-3000 in Europe from October 15th onwards for €199.

Source: Engadget

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