If You Have The Time...

Quitting smoking has been touted as one of the hardest habits to change.  This device uses your will-power coupled with a gadget to get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

The small and compact gadget fits around your neck and is a creative yet effective idea that can help you stop smoking gradually.  Using the Linkman, you are encouraged to stop smoking with the help of automatic timers inside.

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This Linkman, when worn around your neck, will let you know when your "time" comes to have your next desired cigarette.  Gradually, the Linkman will lengthen the time between cigarettes, effectively helping you wean off nicotine.

Press the button on the Linkman and it will either glow red or green...green means yes, you can have another cigarette while red means no, you should wait a bit longer.  As you keep using the Linkman it will slowly have you smoking less and less over a few months, making life easier while trying to quit.

It makes sense to me that this would work but I'm sure it would take some will-power to go with it...or at least the DESIRE to stop smoking.  It could make for a good aid and could be passed on to someone else you care about that wants to quit when you are done with it.

They are advertised at $79.99 at the main site.

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