Wires Get Bagged

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With this Neoprene Charger Organizer Bag, your wire woes will be no worry.  Are you wasting your precious time untangling cords to all your gadgets, headphones and chargers?

If you travel often on business or just carry your music and gadgets everywhere you go, you'll love the features of this handy bag.  It has six fleece lined pockets and you carry it via the handle on top.  It's made of wetsuit grade neoprene to keep your gadgets safe from the drizzly days and any light impacts.

Completely machine washable and sized at 10" x 11.5", you will look stylish and organized with this cute bag.  Spend just $30 on the bag, or if you are planning to give it as a gift, add only $4.50 to your order total and the item will arrive all boxed and bowed up with a navy blue box, green grosgrain ribbon and light blue crinkled shred filler to match the product site colors.

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