Road Mice for hubby this Christmas

Is your man sick and tired of receiving ties for Christmas and other special occasions? Why not surprise him with something totally different this time round, thanks to the range of optical mice known as Road Mice? This innovative wireless optical car shaped computer mouse uses officially licensed designs by popular auto manufacturers of today, including Corvettes, Camaros and Ford Mustangs. Well, you know that Detroit could do with a whole lot more sales considering the current economic state they're in, so hopefully these mice purchases will soon translate into actual car purchases over time. Each Road Mouse is wireless, featuring a USB receiver and 800-dpi resolution which ought to be more than enough for regular office use, although we wouldn't recommend this for serious gaming purposes since it isn't quite cut out for that. Each Road Mouse retails for $44.95 and comes with an individual (VIN) serial number.

Product Page via Press Release

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