iPod and iPhone Skins Galore

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If you're giving a new iPod Nano to someone this year or you have one on your Christmas list, be sure and add one of these beautiful skins to your buying or wish list.  With artist designed skins, you will find so many great choices.

Gelaskins has so many different styles to offer, I was amazed to find over 10 favorites just on one page.  But wait, not only do they have iPod skins, but they carry some phone skins, laptop sizes and even some for the Mac lovers.  We've covered Gelaskins before, but with their fantastic site staying so updated, I had to bring them up again.

I was impressed by the ease of browsing through, and read up that even though they won't protect your iPod or phone from impact accidents, they will keep it from getting scratched up by covering it up.  You can even dress up your iPhone for a night out!


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