battery operatedmascara

Lancome, Lauder debut vibrating mascaras

Since when is make-up required to be so high-tech? But hey, you're a Techie Diva, so you might as well roll like one with a battery-operated mascaras from Lancome or Estee Lauder. Both are releasing buzzing brushes that vibrate to fill your lashes with black stuff and make your eyes ooze sexiness.  Estée Lauder is debuting the TurboLash All-Effects Motion Mascara this summer at Saks for $30, and Lancome is releasing theirs until the fall under the name Ôscillation. These two brushes have tiny motors in the brush's handle that will micro-oscillate when you squeeze them.  Yes, I didn't think things could micro-oscillate either, but Ôscillation does even up to 7,000 times per second. Something about vibrating brushes and eyes makes me feel a bit nervous but if you have steady hands, give it go, and come back to tell us. Maybe we'll develop some courage between now and then. battery-operatedmascara.jpg

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