USB Hubs Save Space

2103646490 e4ddb48e61 m These cute folding USB ports are a great idea for the traveler or the gamer.  You can tuck the USB hub away when not in use, folding it neatly into your laptop bag and use it so that you have plenty of USB ports within reach. 

Made of plastic and designed with a long cord for those hard to reach USB ports that are attached to the back of your computer, this is a handy thing to have around.

With a simple black or a multi-colored model available, you can buy one for you and one for your friend.  For $22 this makes an affordable, neat gadget, that can be found at Uncommon Goods, where they also have a nice addition to your order.

The "better to give" program will allow you to donate $1 of your purchase to one of four choice non-profit benefits.  What better way to have a nice feel-good while buying gifts!

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