Hop Pops to adorn your desktop


So Labor day is over, and you're back at the office with that dreary look on your face. How are you going to get through the week with such a feeling of dread and trepidation in your stomach? Perhaps the Hop Pops from Japan could help lift up the gloomy mood around your working desk as it features tiny (and cute - anything small always has that quality) animals that can bob their heads up and down, reacting to the level of sound around them.

Interested parties will be able to choose from frog, rabbit, panda, duck, monkey, or bear designs. They aren't exactly affordable though, retailing for approximately $17 each. For those who want to get the whole set to grace their monitor, they can always drop a cool $88, saving a cool $14 in the process. This looks like a pretty cool going away gift for your colleague, and it sure makes a great stress reliever!

Source: Chip Chick

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