Floating Jellyfish lights up pool party

floating-jellyfishThe next time you throw a pool party, why not offer something even the Joneses would not have thought of - Floating Jellyfish Pool Lights. These harmless, sting-free invertebrates will definitely do a whole lot more to make your pool party a memorable one for a long time to come, thanks to its ability to unleash a kaleidoscope of colors while floating about in the water peacefully. When used in larger pools, the effect of an entire horde will definitely bring more "Wow" factor to the pool than Windows Vista could ever do (Sorry, Bill).

Each of these Floating Jellyfish Pool Lights are made from durable PVC and feature realistic looking, fiber-optic tentacles that emit a vibrant glow, while the top changes colors at random as long as the four AA batteries within are not exhausted. A simple On-Off switch controls these neat pool lights. Each Floating Jellyfish Pool Light retails for $59, so you might have to cough up a small fortune to get a bunch of these swimming in your pool. Then again, if you have a house with a pool, picking a number of these up would probably amount to chump change for you.

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