BRIX concept binds all together


So you think the iPhone is pretty phat, with its unique touch user interface? Well, I must lean towards that agreement as well, but surely should the BRIX concept device be made reality, the iPhone would be forgotten all too quickly. This multimedia device concept aims to bring people together with one very unique feature - you can connect different BRIX devices in virtually any manner you want, where your imagination is the limit. Imagine wanting to bump up your TV from a 32" to a much more acceptable 50" - just get an additional bunch of BRIX devices and you're good to go.

This concept is easy to implement in terms of design since the entire front portion is the screen, so you won't have anything else like pesky buttons and the ilk to interfere. The only problem would be the cost of this thing - how many can you afford? And the lack of a phone function is pretty disappointing, else this could be what the iPhone should be. Concept, o concept, how much longer before thou end up as reality?

Source: Core77

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