Tongue Sucker first-aid device

tongue-suckerThis Tongue Sucker might look a little gross at first glance, but it actually picked up top spot at the prestigious INDEX award contest. The main function of such a device is to open the airways in a throat of an unconscious person easily, enabling fresh air to enter the lungs of the said victim before paramedics arrive on the scene. Such intervention by the public could prove crucial in helping save lives during an emergency, as not opening the airway before the arrival of paramedics will probably result in death.

The Tongue Sucker was designed in such a manner where even the untrained bystander would be able to make use of it in the event of an emergency. It is said that the inventors of the Tongue Sucker hope it will be made a mandatory addition in any first aid kit. The device itself consists of a tiny plastic chamber along with a red, rubber bulb-like air reservoir that practically squeezes onto the tongue of the victim and is subsequently released, pulling the tongue off the back of a throat to create a small gap for the unconscious person to breathe.

Source: American Inventor Spot

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