Luxeed keyboard lights up your life


I can vouch for the fact that keyboards are some of the most unattractive objects on the average office desk since most of them come in a uniform color (mostly black these days) and rarely feature lines which will make heads turn. Luxeed from Korea aims to change all that with its new range of keyboards. These new keyboards come with the complete ensemble of keys, save for the addition of color changing LEDs integrated under each individual key.

There are two different models to choose from, where the white backlit model retails for approximately $127 and can light up in a blinding array of color combinations (meant for those who love showing off) while the black backlit version will be my choice since the keys remain elegant in black, with only the letters and characters that change colors. The more mature looking black version is a wee bit more expensive ($7 to be exact) and is certainly worth every additional penny. Each purchase comes with software that lets you program just what color you want to appear on each key.

Product Page via Technabob

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