Shock your DS Lite into some chrome


As most of you already know, the Nintendo DS Lite comes in more colors and design variations than you can shake a rainbow at. Announcement of the silver colored DS Lite in Japan was well received by some people who want something more mature to reflect their age, but this silver color still looks pretty much plastic rather than metal. If you're craving for something more, how about adding on real chrome to your DS Lite with the Shock! Magnum Chrome replacement shell?

This replacement shell guarantees a shiny metallic finish - all it takes is some knowledge, common sense (to decipher the directions properly) and the right tools. Made using copper-nickle-chrome electroplating, the case's exterior finally reflects a metal finish and is touted to resist scratches (something all DS Lites are extremely prone to - mine looks like a seasoned scratching post already) although it probably won't do much in keeping fingerprints at bay. Choose from a variety of colors, forking out $39.95 for the color of your choice.

Product Page via Technabob

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