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Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. (HLF) continues with its profit-making trend

Even though the Chief Executive Officer of Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. (HLF) resigned, the Los Angeles based company went ahead to achieve tremendous improvement in its sales. The company that specializes in making nutritional supplements recorded an increase of up to 9% in the latest annually quarter results. The North American and Asia Pacific sales rose by 11% and 22% respectively with the improvement in the Asia Pacific as the primary driving factor. Another driving force behind the company’s success is because it has a strong marketing strategy. The more than two million distributors earn commission by recruiting new sales representatives paid depending on the portions sold. The company produces weight management supplements, snacks and protein shakes to name but a few. The company listed in the NYSE, New York Stocks Exchange has an annual turnover of more than $8 billion.

The company continues to make profit after reporting a net loss of up to $63.4 million a while back equivalent to 43 cents per share. During the fourth quarter results, the Nutrition company posted a profit of $48.9 million, and the share price went up to 34 cents. The results reflected 63 cents earnings per share contrary to 61 cents expected by Refiniti, a share analyst. In the first quarter of 2019, the sales rose with a 4% margin compared to the 2018 sales in the first quarter. In 2018, the company guided net sales of 2.8% to 6.8% and in 2019 sales growth of 4% to 8%. Richard Goudis, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, left in January and was replaced by Michael Johnson interim basis.

The Nutrition Ltd. (HLF) started operations in 1980 and has branches in more than 90 countries. The company manufactures personal care, nutritional, energy, weight loss enhancers, fitness and sports, weigh management as well as facial, skin body, sports and fitness products. The products reach customers in Europe, the Middle East, Central America, the Asia Pacific, Mexico, and Africa. With its philosophy of combining a healthy life with nutrition, it reaches its customers worldwide through the help of Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributors, stores, sales officers and sales representatives. The distributors employ the referral method to reach more customers through recruiting distributors who earn commission through the sales they make. The company outsources ingredients like tea and aloe vera from selected rich agricultural areas globally to ensure that the customers get high-quality products. The United States of America is the home to the excellent micronutrient suppliers that serve the company with soy protein isolate.

Herbalife in its part boasts of trained staff and state of the art machinery that ensure the products are of the best quality. The success of the supplement maker lies behind the leadership of Michael Johnson, the Chief Executive Officer, Desmond Walsh, the Chairman, and Dr John O Agwunobi together with John G Desimone as the Co-Presidents. Others include the Chief Operating Officer, David Pezzullo, Jean Marie Caccitore under Human Resources and Richard Webber, the Chief Legal Officer to name but a few. The company has a workforce of nearly 10,000 employees worldwide.

Like many other companies, philanthropy is part of the company’s activities, and it gives back to the community through various programs. The company assists the needy children through Casa and Herbalife Family Foundation programs. The company throws its weight behind sports through sponsorship besides helping the needy. The company sponsors events, athletes, and teams globally including Los Angeles Galaxy football club, and footballer star Christiano Ronaldo among others. The Nutrition Ltd. (HLF) educates people on health matters through educational materials, start-up kits, sales tools, literature, and promotional materials.