Hyper Dash keeps kids engrossed

hyperdashSummer is the time where kids have plenty of time off, running wild at home. Unfortunately, most kids these days won't be found having fun outside in the garden under the hot summer sun, but instead prefer to remain cooped up at home, gorging on a diet of video games, pizza, and carbonated drinks. Instead of being glued in front of the TV all day long, how about giving them a game that tests their reflexes and speed of thought instead? Known as Hyper Dash, this electronic action game targets kids aged six and above and comes with a "tagger" as well as five "targets".

Targets can be arranged in any space (as long as it is not too big), and the tagger calls out a target while reading RFID tags in the targets whenever you tag them. Choose from four different levels of play where level one calls out the colors you need to tag, level two throws numbers into the fray, level three adds special commands such as Double Strike, Triple Strike, Reverse, Double Reverse, and the final level features Compu-Strike (math problems that involve addition and subtraction). Hyper Dash retails for $24.95 and would be a very welcome distraction to snap video game zombies out of their spell.

Product Page via TDG

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