Kameraflage fools the naked eye


Kameraflage technology is bound to be all the rage among the younger generation. Just imagine wearing what looks like an ordinary looking shirt to the naked eye, but upon developing photos taken with a digital camera, you actually realize that there is a youth anthem scribbled across the shirt. Now, where did that come from? Kameraflage technology makes it possible, enabling silicon chips inside of digital cameras to pick up a broader spectrum of light where the human eye fails, letting it capture stuff that the naked eye cannot see.

The inventors of Kameraflage, Connor Dickie and Sarah Logie, have specifically designed Kameraflage to function with camera phones, although regular digital cameras will still be able to pick up such images. There is some potential in terms of advertising, and should Kameraflage actually catch on with the masses, don't be surprised to see people start to snap seemingly ordinary images at random just to see if there's some additional information that they missed with their biological ocular endowments.

Source: American Inventor Spot


  1. HKDKAT 10 August, 2007 at 12:08

    I saw this at siggraph and was going to send my video to you as well as a picture or two. It was very cool. Have someplace you want me to send it, or do you want to wait till I upload somewhere?

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