Skin your iPhone with DecalGirl


So you've got a spanking new iPhone, and surprise, surprise, it looks pretty ordinary instead of exclusive whenever you bring it out of your handbag to attend to a call due to the gangbusters sales that Apple experienced during the iPhone's initial release at the end of June. How then, do you separate your beloved iPhone from the rest of the masses to make it more unique? Go against the grain with the wide range of iPhone skins from DecalGirl. These offerings will ensure that you will only be part of an elite group since not many people would bother to go the extra mile by skinning up their iPhone.

High resolution graphics and images are printed on quality vinyl adhesive that is not only easy to reposition, it doesn't leave a sticky residue behind that reduces the resale value of your iPhone. For those who have a hard time making a decision in everyday circumstances, they're bound to suffer from a brain-freeze moment since there are tons of styles available. All it takes is just $7 to pick up one of these skins, along with a code that provides you with a matching wallpaper download for free to keep everything uniform.

Source: Cool Hunting


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