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What's insideTwilight director Catherine Hardwicke's bag?

I'm obsessed with Twilight, and as you Twilight fans know, the movie will be out this weekend which only means that 75 percent of you will be stuck watching the movie too. To celebrate the momentous occasion, places like Blockbuster, FYE, Borders, Hot Topic, and Wal-Mart are throwing huge DVD relase parties for fans this upcoming Friday so fans can get their copy at midnight (Blockbuster will even have blood drives).

The good news is you don't have to fight the crowds at midnight to get your Twilight copy, because the movie will be available on-demand at midnight so you can watch it at home while you eat some yummy vampire cupcakes or "I Dare You to Eat Pizza Edward" pizza. Regardless, mark your calendar because this weekend is Twilight weekend, so after you're done watching the movie, you might want to pick up Catherine Hardwicke's "Twilight Directors Notebook." I just got my copy today because I dabble in filmmaking, and it's facinating to see all the techie gear they used to make the movie.director_4

The book is filled with interesting tidbits about how the movie was made, but I loved the "What's in Her Bag?" page created by her assistant, Patrick Smith.  Catherine Hardwicke is obviously a Mac girl and always carries her Macbook Pro, her iPhone, a notebook charger that plugs into her car's cigarette lighter, and a digital camera. Interesting piece of trivia: Hardwicke puts stickers on her Mac to dissuade thieves. Smart Lady.

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