Digital Wallet

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What more could you ask for than more room for pictures to share with your friends?  Instead of hauling around a purse full of 4x6 photos or a wallet stuffed with snippets, why not carry your photos digitally?

With the Women's Digital Photo Wallet, you can!  Made of soft black Nappa leather, this bi-fold wallet will give you the freedom you desire and keep you organized.  Includes a change purse and ID window, in addition to the lovely display area for your digital displays.  Stores up to 55 color images and will allow you to put them on a 1.4" screen.  Better yet, this display is rechargeable so it won't bother you with needless battery replacements.

USB photo transfers are easy and this has a slideshow feature to make your sharing even more impressive.  Visit this site and pay around $60 for something you probably won't see very many have switched to, just yet.  Be unique and cutting-edge!

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