Create Your Own...Vase?

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The WonderVase allows you to be creative in an area least expected.  A floral vase made of thermal plastic material that moves and bends when exposed to warm water.  It claims to be easy and lots of fun, but I'm not sure how long the vase takes to set its shape and become your own creative idea.

A plastic vase that you can transform to look like a crystal clear container for your favorite bouquet, for $3.99-$5.99 it might just be worth the chance to buy one and see how it works.  Maybe that's what they are hoping for, just a few curious people to snap them up and utilize them...and spread the word.

Either way, it seems like a good idea and might be just what you're looking for to express your creative side and display it for all to see.  Visit Linens 'n Things and take your artwork to the next level.  Comes in three different sizes, 4x8", 6x11" and 8x13", stores flat so it saves space, too.

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