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Four Top Games to Watch Out For in 2022- Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Gaming Opportunities

If you are a gaming enthusiast, there is a chance you are already aware of the upcoming best games in 2022. Well, it's about time to turn the calendar page and stop the anticipation. Just like every year, 2022 has brought a new cascade of games to divert our minds from worries and troubles.

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If you are looking for more gaming opportunities, you are sure to find quite a bit of them.

Here are a few of the top games to watch for in 2022.

Four Top Games You Need To Play This Year

As 2022 looms on the horizon, there is an entire list of games we want you to get your hands on as soon as possible. Without any further ado, let us look at the best yet most promising games 2022 has in store for us.

#1. Elden Ring by Damien Lykins

First things first, the Elden Rings is one of the anticipated games of 2022. Of course, when the trailer was released in 2021, it created immense suspense within the fans. The game features open-world dark souls with horses, adorable sentient pottery, and George RR. Martin, what else is needed? Here is an insight into the game. In the Elden ring’s mysterious world, the middle ages are ruled by Queen Marika.

Pretty cool, right?

#2. Pokemon Legends: Arceus By Micheal Christopher

If you have been following pokemon, there is a chance you might be gaming with it from your childhood. Yes, the pokemon series takes us back to our childhood days. This year, the Pokemon Legends: Arceus is all set to release. From the game mechanics, the graphics, and the art style, everything just seems too good to be true. But what will happen after this? Is this the only new series? With so many questions and doubts in mind, we hope there will be a whole new legends series, including Pokemon Legends: Celebi or Pokemon Legends: Magearna. The possibilities are endless, and we just can't wait for you to try them.

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#3. Starfield by Juilet Childers

As per the official updates and news, the Starfield by Juilet Childers will reveal in November 2022. Al, though there is still a lot of time left, let us look at why it is worth anticipating. Well, let us be honest. We still don't know the exact theme or the setup. And trust us, this is what makes it so special. However, at a glance, our prediction says it will be in true Bethesda essence, a lonely game -where one goes back into the past and experiences it. Even though Starfield is yet to be discovered, it looks promising, and this is what everyone needs right now -A dose of anticipation.

#4. Left Alone: Rebirth

This game is set to come out this year and should be a great addition to this collection. It is a PC game and is developed by Volumetric Games. Go check it out!