Well, it's Different!

The Ambient Orb takes technology to a different and more personal level.  With an elegant frosted glass ball to tell you information immediately without you having to do much more than glance at it, you can pull specific basic information quickly and easily.

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Set to track stock market trends, the orb is not limited to just that information.  You can set up your account, instead, to have the orb monitor the weather, pollen counts locally, your IM, and much more will be offered soon.

No need for an internet connection, either!  The orb draws information from a nationwide wireless network and require no configuration--works right out of the box it comes in if you want to stick to basic stock information.  Want to monitor your personal portfolio instead?  Sign up for a premium subscription and get far more options for monitoring more specific things.

Some common uses for the orb have been taking an ambient look at the S&P 500, NASDAQ, Personal Portfolio, Business Metrics, Weather
Forecast, Golfing Conditions, Sailing Conditions, Commute traffic
congestions, Pollen count, Google News Alerts, and Energy pricing. The
orb can also track any dynamic internet based information.  Comes in at almost $150 but it's unique and would make a great gift for the person that "has everything".

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