USB, Gone Too Far?

USB missle launchers, fans and now...a Mini Fridge?  That's right, you can now keep your beverage (not a few, just one) cooled with Brando's USB Mini Fridge.  It plugs directly into your USB port and even has a cute little internal LED light so you can wonder if the light stays on when you close the door.

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More mystery we really don't need, right?  I can see how this would be a wonderful device but if you're a Monster drinker like my brother, you can forget this.  It looks to only fit a standard sized can of Coke, DP.  Too bad there's no room for more, but if you typically have one drink near you, this would serve to keep it cool just for you.

Goes to 8.5 degrees in just 5 minutes of use so that your beverage is nicely cooled.  Dimensions are 19.4x9x9cm in case you measure your favorite drink can for compatibility.

Maybe they should sell a lock for the door so that it's safe from co-workers!  Visit the main site and purchase this cute gadget for around $33.

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