Ergotron LX Triple Display Lift

A multi-monitor stand can be priceless in our multi-tasking world of computing today and Ergotron has a model that you will be pleased with.  With naturally angled curves that your LCD monitors will follow, based on a design with mounting rail curves, you will find convenience and comfort.

Check out the LX Triple Display Lift Stand.  The kit comes with all the parts you need and instructions to lead you to configure three VESA-compliant flat panels.  With a heavy-duty stand to hold them up, the LX doesn't use heavy screws or a clamp to get the job done.  You use a mounting rail instead and this allows you to set the LCD's up and hang them on the rails instead.

For a clean and efficient workspace, check out the Ergotron site and find this stand for around $300.  Read a more detailed review that Ergotron links to on their site here.

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