Eavesdrop without looking suspicious


"Hello, girlfriend. Yes, I called just to let you know what a wonderful guy David has been to me so far. He has brought me to the fanciest restaurants in town, pays my rent as well as all my utility bills, surprises me with flowers and chocolates for no particular reason, and even hired a chauffeur for me to spend my time shopping with his credit card!"

David grinned. He knew he had a winner in the M7 Secret Agent Spy Ear device. After all, is there a better way to know just exactly what your girlfriend chats about with her friends? This unique device gives you superhuman hearing without going through the rite of passage like being bombarded by cosmic rays or experiencing a mutation that other superheroes take. The built-in ultra sensitive microphone is capable of picking up crisp, clear audio from all directions while sitting snugly in your ear. It comes with a volume control for you to eavesdrop on conversations at different distances. Interested parties can pick up the M7 Secret Agent Spy Ear for $29.95. Heck, if I was David, I'd be grinning like the Cheshire cat too.

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