c2 climate control

C2 Climate Control

If things get much too warm (or cold) for your comfort, be it at home or at the office, there is always the C2 Climate Control that will help you out. This nifty little desktop companion features a patented, energy-efficient thermal technology that is capable of delivering either heating or cooling from a single unit. It sips 1.5 amps of AC current, which amounts to 10% of the energy used by a typical space heater. Works best when placed 18" from the user, the C2 is more than capable of increasing air temperature by 32 degrees while lowering it by eight for those sweltering summers. A touchpad is available for you to control the fan's direction and speed. Thank heavens for the removable filter - sure beats buying a new C2 each time it clogs up. The C2 Climate Control retails for $280 a pop.


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