iPhone gets decked out in Swarovski


Swarovski crystals aren't just meant for necklaces and earrings these days - it seems that plenty of gadget manufacturers have already decked out at least one of their offerings in Swarovski glory. It makes sense then, that the Apple iPhone is the latest 'victim' of this Swarovski craze. Why do I say so? Just take a look at this Swarovski-laden iPhone and judge for yourself. It features a picture of praying hands, making this somewhat an answered prayer to those who already picked up an iPhone.

Crystal Icing is offering their service, covering your iPhone with 1,500 to a whopping 3,000 crystals. Of course, the number depends on just how much you're willing to fork out for the number of Swarovski crystals on the phone as well as the complexity of the design. If you're a proud new owner of the iPhone, will you actually send your precious to the folks at Crystal Icing for some modifications? If so, what's the design that you want to see on it? The minimum price for each modification currently stands at $295, bringing the total cost of owning a decked out iPhone to nearly a grand.

Source: Gearfuse

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