KimiKiss limited edition notebook from NEC

For those who are in the dark on who/what KimiKiss is, it is a Japanese video game that originated on the PlayStation platform. Fans of KimiKiss will definitely be pleased to know that NEC has already started to sell a limited KimiKiss edition of the NEC LaVie G type L notebook, and it will be available in three different colors - blue, pink and green. Each color will also feature a trio of different images of Kimi Kiss the heroine. Not all of them will share the same specifications, as they are available in a Build-To-Order format. We do know that the minimum system specifications consist of an AMD Mobile Sempron 3600+ processor, 512MB RAM, a 80GB HDD, and a AMD M690 V-Chip video card.

Source: Akihabara News

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