Hymnal iPod Case fools from afar

hymnal-ipodHymns are still a pretty big part of the church's worship service every Sunday, and there is nothing like belting out a lovely hymn to soothe the raging soul. With the advent of digital music, I wonder when will churches actually take the digital route and provide iPods as hymnals instead of those thick, hard cover editions? There is now a new iPod case that lets you sneak in your iPod without disapproving stares from the elderly - the Hymnal iPod Case. This unique case won't arouse any suspicions from afar, but up close and personal, it is an instant giveaway. Oh, not to mention the earbuds you wear will definitely give the game away as well.

Those who are interested to pick up this unique iPod case will have to shell out $30. It is best to use this outside of church, because the building is meant for worship and such a flippant attitude definitely won't be welcome.

Source: Slashgear

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