Lightsnake STICHAT USB headphones


The advent of VoIP technology in our offices has led a communications revolution, where we can keep in touch with one another for very little or even free without sacrificing visual and audio cues during a conversation thanks to the many VoIP programs available today that enable video calls as well. LightSnake has launched the STICHAT USB Headphone and Microphone that enables you to carry out your conversations in style as it lights up whenever connected, while flashing crazily as audio signals travel through it.

Definitely not the most discreet of devices to have in the office, especially when you're trying to hold a decent lovey dovey conversation with your other half over Skype with the darn cable acting as a lighthouse for the entire office. One good point about the LightSnake STICHAT USB Headphone and Microphone would be the ability for you to hook up your own headphones or speakers instead of using the bundled ones. Features include soft touch volume control, but unfortunately there's no option to turn the lights off. The LightSnake STICHAT USB Headphone and Microphone retails for $19.99 a pop.

Product Page via SlashGear

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