Microsoft SideWinder X6 keyboard

Microsoft has made a name for itself in software, that's a given, but when it comes to hardware, they aren't really at the forefront of things. The Sidewinder line of gaming peripherals did make quite a splash a number of years back, and this time Microsoft is back with a vengeance with the SideWinder X6 keyboard which was unveiled at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. This is the first keyboard in the world to feature a switchable key pad that can be connected on either left or right sides of the keyboard, catering to both right- and left-handers without missing a beat. When you're not gaming, the keypad doubles up as a standard numeric pad to boost your productivity. You can record up to 90 macros per game with the X6, and backlit keys make it a pleasure to play even in a dark room. You will be able to see the SideWinder X6 keyboard hit the market this September for $79.95.

Source: AVing

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