DS Light Mod from AcidMods

ds-light-modGamer girls, if you want to go crazy on your already sweet looking Nintendo DS Lite without taking the easy way out by plastering some stickers all over it, there is but one path to follow - that of modding it. All you need is some intermediate technical know how (or grab your boyfriend to learn this modding stuff up) and decent soldering skills and you're good to go for most mod jobs. This DS Light mod (no, its not a typo) by AcidMod member Rocky certainly rocks the joint, featuring LEDs that light up while you're playing games, lending a more surreal look especially when you play in the dark.

The LED strobes are triggered by the loudness in volume, so the louder the in-game sounds are, the brighter these LEDs will flash. Of course, I believe playing Elite Beat Agents in the dark with this mod will probably require a pair of sunglasses as the LEDs could end up damaging your eyes with its constant flashing while you master those beats. Too bad there is no option to turn the lights off when you don't want to use them.

Source: Slashgear

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