Solar Beach Bag for Your Working Vacation

SolarbagSuntan lotion? Check. USWeekly? iPod? Check. Check. Juice Bag? Say what?? When I first saw it I thought, nice idea. Those darn iPods and cell phones die all the time. But then I realized this is a beach tote that's supposed to carry my gossip mags (gotta stay current with those Hollywood scandals), my beach stuff, and a few snacks when I head down to the beach. Why the heck does it need to recharge gadgets I'm supposed to leave at home? Ok, maybe I need to keep that iPod juiced, but is it worth buying a solar tote bag that's $250? I don't think so. But if you're a wired diva who needs her Blackberry by her side, then by all means check it out. You can order yours at Reware. [via Chip Chick]

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